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Live Music & Entertainement

Live Music Every Friday & Saturday

There is always entertainment at the Pickwick, live concerts of different genres to karaoke, DJs and themed nights with some of the best local DJs from Thursday through Saturday, with a powerful sound system guaranteeing your enjoyment!


21-06-2019 11:55 pm

The Intergalactic Catstronauts are taking over the stage at Pickwicks for the last time, to bring you their favourites from rock, alternative/ indie, blues and lots of soul. This five piece band has what it takes to get you on your feet, so get ready to party! 


28-06-2019 11:55 pm

A regular visitor to Mr Pickwick, Solid Ash has forged itself a reputation as a "sure bet" when it comes to entertaining guests with their upbeat, happy go lucky pop n rock repertoire.

Be it intimate or festive, Solid Ash will be there for you so come and join the fun.
Free Concert


29-06-2019 11:55 pm

Probably the most international of groups performing at the Pickwick, O.D (Old Dudes) are 7 experienced musicians from three continents, each musician bringing his own savoir faire,  rhythms & charisma to the band.

A repertoire covering ageless tracks of the 80s from the Knack, Police & Queen to name but a few, but also more recent rock such Kings of Leon, REM & more

Get ready for over 2 hours of live performance from this new, Geneva based band, you’ll be singing along to some of it for sure.